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Take five minutes to share with us our mission. We are so much more than just another vodka...

We are a call for change!


Equality Vodka is the world's only ultra-premium vodka that gives back to a cause.


With every sale of Equality Vodka, 20% of the gross profits are donated to LGBT organizations fighting for equality.


Founded by two allies, Equality Vodka is proud to support all those who believe that every individual should have equal rights to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.


As the champions for Cocktailing for a Cause, we invite you to join us in our mission to create a future that knows no discrimination – just equality.

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Doug Jacobson discovered his passion for humanitarian work as a young man living in West Hollywood during the peak of the AIDS epidemic. From the heart of Los Angeles to his time in the Air Force, he witnessed countless friends, fellow soldiers, and loved ones suffer the unequal treatment of those in the LGBT community.


Time and time again, Doug was struck by the sheer audacity our society had to treat two people, who were equal on all counts other than their sexual orientation, by completely different sets of standards for human rights.


Called to action after witnessing innumerable injustices, Doug made it his life's mission to leave a mark on society by founding a company dedicated to rectifying the inequalities in the world.

I want people to know how important this is. Rights are being
removed from people everyday.
That can't continue; that's not acceptable.



Bert Gallagher, Jr. grew up in South Texas, where he got a sneak peek into the possibility of a society empowered with the innate right to equality. Bert was raised in a community that was blind to individual differences, where children were free to embrace their identities and enjoy the same rights.


While carving his path in the world, Bert internalized the values of respect and compassion that his community held so dearly.


Later, while working at a Mercedes dealership in Texas, Bert formed a close friendship with Doug. It wasn't long before Bert realized the power of connecting with someone who shared his dream of bringing the spirit of equality to life.


Soon after, the two formed a business partnership – and Equality Vodka was born.



As a civilization, as a nation, as humanity, we should have
already evolved to a point that we are respectful,
understanding, kind to one another, and accepting.

Equality Vodka

After teaming up in 2001, Doug Jacobson and Bert Gallagher, Jr. began dabbling in a variety of entrepreneurial adventures. While their creativity and business ingenuity took them around the country, the duo was always most excited by the prospect of giving back.


Doug and Bert’s experience with top brands in the spirits industry opened the floodgates of possibility. The two found their calling and, with it, a cause that held profound meaning for them both.


In 2013, Bert and Doug were recipients of the South Central Region (TX, LA, OK & NM) Lambda Legal Corporate Partners in Equality Award for the work they had done with the Dallas chapter. Later, in 2014, Equality Vodka debuted its silky-smooth spirit and forward-thinking mission by supporting the Lambda Legal Landmark Dinner.

This event was a chance to introduce Equality Vodka to the world, but more importantly, it was Equality Vodka's first opportunity to recognize the Dallas Region Chapter of Lambda Legal as our first recipient for the invaluable work they do to make the right to equality law.

At Equality, we are more than an ultra-premium vodka. We are Cocktailing for a Cause. We are a company with a mission first and a stellar product second.

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Working with a master distiller, using a state-of-the-art distillation process, and adhering to our unwavering dedication to high standards, we are able to create the silky smooth, ultra premium vodka that won the gold medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Outside the bottle, Equality Vodka is inextricably dedicated to the highest standards of human rights, social treatment, and quality of life.

Equality Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka dedicated to embodying the highest standards. Inside the bottle, every drop of Equality Vodka is crafted with the utmost care.


Equality Vodka is distilled from only the finest and highest quality grains available. Every drop is quadruple distilled and blended with specially filtered water.

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Cocktailing for a Cause
Ultra Premium Vodka

Equality Vodka wasn't founded for the purpose of creating a delicious, award-winning vodka. That was simply a happy side-effect; the inevitable result of two excellence-driven co-founders refusing to do anything with less than 110% effort.


Rather, Equality Vodka was founded for the purpose of bringing about the change that society has been deprived of for so many decades.


We are on a mission to make the right to equality the norm for all. With every sip of Equality Vodka you enjoy and every bottle you purchase, you are taking a stand for equality.

Every time a bottle of Equality Vodka is purchased, 20% of the profits go to an LGBT organization fighting to make equality a reality. Each year, Equality Vodka honors LGBT organizations and supports dozens of others by donating product and helping bring awareness to the good works being done in the name of equal rights.


To learn more about the nonprofit organizations that have benefitted from your support of Equality Vodka, visit our Recipients page.

Equality Is Social

When individuals come together from all walks of life and unite in a shared cause, a movement is born.


Our goal is to spark a movement that unites allies and LGBT individuals under the desire for equality.

You can make a difference. Together, we can achieve equality.

Equality Vodka. Ask for it.

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