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Buy Equality Vodka

We are so excited, you can now order a bottle and have it shipped to you!


(shipping is provided by an independent retailer Equality vodka is not involved in these transactions, you will be redirected to their site to complete your transaction ) If you are a retailer and would like to be featured contact us.  Shipping may not be available to all state, contact store for details. 

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INTRODUCING our COCKTAIL  candle collection

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Promo codes or coupons are valid for candles ONLY.
Not applicable to the purchase of vodka

Delicious scents inspired by our favorite cocktails and EQUALITY vodka!


in collaboration with our friends at

A portion of each candle is donated to LGBTQ+ organizations championing equality!

Buy Equality

Want to buy our ultra premium vodka in a store or bar near you?

Ask for it at the counter.


We need your support to spread the word about Equality. The more demand we can create for Equality Vodka, the more we can grow our movement and give back to LGBT organizations championing the right to equality.

We make every effort to let everyone know where you can enjoy our vodka.

If you proudly serve, stock, sell on-line or deliver EQUALITY vodka and are not listed please let us know!

Bars & Restaurants

To get Equality Vodka in your bar or restaurant, please contact your distributor directly.


The more you ask for Equality Vodka, the faster we can grow and give back to LGBT organizations championing equality.

Equality. Ask for it.

If you’re in Texas, ask your favorite bars, restaurants, and stores to contact their RNDC representative to get Equality Vodka.


If you’re anywhere in the continental United States, ask your favorite spots to stock Equality Vodka. Asking for Equality is the first step to getting everyone to support our mission of realizing equal rights for all.


If you are a distributor and would like to carry Equality Vodka, please contact us. We would love to speak with you!

We are proud to offer Equality Vodka through our  distributor partners: