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We make every effort to let everyone know where you can enjoy our vodka.

If you proudly serve, stock, sell on-line or deliver EQUALITY vodka and are not listed please let us know!



Updated Regularly!


If your favorite place is not listed, ASK them to order a bottle of Equality!

Buy Equality Vodka

Equality Vodka is currently available at these fine retail stores.

Bar / Restaurant

Houston TX

We're just getting started, here is where you can find us!

You can also help us by asking your favorite store to ORDER you a bottle!

Heights Liquor   

 643 E 11th St, Houston, TX 77008           

 (832) 618-1455

Special Liquor Store   

 4120 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007   

(713) 864-5150


 2410 Smith St, Houston, TX 77006  

(713) 526-8787

U P Liquor

 1360 W 43rd St, Houston, TX 77018

(713) 680-9188

ASK your favorite stores, bars and restaurants
 to order a bottle - 
Buy Equality

Want to buy our ultra premium vodka in a store or bar near you?

Ask for it at the counter.


We need your support to spread the word about Equality. The more demand we can create for Equality Vodka, the more we can grow our movement and give back to LGBT organizations championing the right to equality.

Bars & Restaurants

To get Equality Vodka in your bar or restaurant, please contact your distributor directly.


The more you ask for Equality Vodka, the faster we can grow and give back to LGBT organizations championing equality.

Equality. Ask for it.

If you’re in Texas, ask your favorite bars, restaurants, and stores to contact their RNDC representative to get Equality Vodka.


If you’re anywhere in the continental United States, ask your favorite spots to stock Equality Vodka. Asking for Equality is the first step to getting everyone to support our mission of realizing equal rights for all.


We are proud to offer Equality Vodka through our  distributor partners:

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